GuardianshipGuardianship and Conservatorship

Life’s events sometimes bring about situations where people no longer have the ability to make decisions on their own behalf or to handle their own finances.  If advance preparations such as a proper estate plan have not been made, then it may be necessary to apply for guardianship or conservatorship protection for that person.  (Normally guardianship and conservatorship will not be necessary if you have a proper estate plan.)

Guardianship is a court appointment to allow one person (the guardian) to provide care and make personal decisions for another person (the ward).  Conservatorship is a court appointment that allows one person (the conservator) to manage the finances of another person (the ward).  In both of these cases, the ward is either a minor or an incapacitated adult.

This process of properly caring for and protecting somebody you love can include many initial requirements, along with subsequent complex reporting requirements.  A qualified attorney can help you prepare and complete the required court filings and court reports until the guardianship or conservatorship is no longer needed.

Inman Law PLLC’s initial consultations are provided at no cost so that we can help you determine if guardianship and conservatorship proceedings might be appropriate and helpful for you!