What do I do if I do not know whether I need estate planning or elder law planning performed at this time?

Great question!  One of the reasons why I wanted to be a lawyer was to help people.  For me, law is not just a profession.  It is an opportunity to come alongside of people and to help them to navigate the present and prepare for the future.  Therefore, I do not charge for an initial consultation.  Before an initial appointment, I would have no idea about what you really need or if I could even be of any help to you at all.

If you are not sure if you need estate planning or elder law planning at this time, I encourage you to make an appointment.  Our conclusion might be that you do not need any further legal services from me at this time.  Or we may draw out a plan that would be helpful for you.  At that point, the decision would be yours to move forward or not.

I have heard that you help people with “Legacy Planning.” What is legacy planning?

All of us want to make a difference in this world.  We have friends and family that we love and we want them to thrive in life.  We have been involved in our church or a favorite charity so that we could impact our community.  Really, when you think about it, we have been spending our entire lives hoping to leave a legacy to the next generation and to our community.

Legacy planning helps to build upon how we have lived our lives.  We seek to find the places that we hope we can impact, even after our deaths.  It is our opportunity to use our resources to impact the people and the causes that we deeply care about.  Our legacy might impact our children or grandchildren.  It may impact our community.  The dream is that what we started while alive will continue after we die.